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Hi there, adorable you!

And welcome to my little corner of the internet, here I will be posting my random thoughts, some class notes, random articles, funny links…etc. Basically a way for me to play around with HTML and CSS.

Note: This web page is designed to be viewed even without JavaScript, the only place where I use JS is in the webring page (If I use them elsewhere, I will put a warning)


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C programming :

x86 ASM Programming:

root@localhost $ whoami

About me :

  • Name : Crystal
  • Age : 18 years old
  • Nationality : Algerian
  • Pronouns : *(Any)
  • Sexuality : Aro/Ace cis
  • Political affiliation : Anarchism
  • Hobbies : Include but not limited to programming, exploring new OSes, new music genres and making friends

This might surprise you, but I also listen to music (A shocker, right?) though I mostly listen to vaporwave glitchore weirdcore synthwave and dreamcore

If you want to contact me (which would be really surprising) contact me via

About my Navi :

My current setup is :

  • Primary OS: OpenBSD -current
  • Text Editor: Doom Emacs
  • Web Browser: Ungoogled-chromium
  • Desktop Environment: NsCDE
  • Shell: Historic Ksh93
  • Secondary OS: Void Linux
  • Games I play: Hollow Knight, Cult of the lamb, Dead Cells & Rythm games(like Phigros and A dance of fire and ice)

I also host this website on the pubNIX which also runs OpenBSD

This website is fully open-source with no licensing restrictions, check the source code and feel free to reuse everything!!!

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And others too are in this directory ./src/gifs/my_buttons/. All of them were made by Thanks a lot Julian !!!/

Close this website, txEn eht nepO.( Webrings , so expect JavaScript on this page)!!

Author: Crystal

Created: 2024-06-14 Fri 14:51